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for the whole of life

I am married to a wonderful husband, Barry, for nearly 50 years - I married at 19, young by today's standards. We have 4 children and 16 grandchildren (some through blended families). 

We have lived interesting and varied lives and continue to do so. Each moment brings new adventure.There is an old adage - 'You are never too old to learn'. I so agree! 

In my early-sixties I began to discover the 'truth' of essential oils. What a fascinating journey I am on. Studying to become accredited, where I needed to become acquainted with chemistry, a topic I knew nothing about, I didn't even know what a molecule was. I was challenged to my very core. But somehow, deep down I have always known there was a better way to look after my own health and that of my family - and now, this includes our grand-children. 

I was first introduced to 'oils' at a conference and knew immediately, this was for me. 

Many around me failed to be impressed with this 'new' concept of using an oil to ward off a cold, or to inhale their fragrance to help one feel more relaxed, even going so far as to use the oils to address some of the more serious health issues, but after a few set backs, I just decided not to let it worry me. I knew what I knew!

I have now discovered these pure therapeutic oils can also add such poignant flavour to even the most ordinary of meals and to the more exotic, they take the 'wow' factor to a whole new level. In and around the home they bring new understanding to the word "cleanliness" and then understanding "health maintenance" -  a new and exciting journey, all adding to  the excitement.  Only recently, I made my husband the best after-shave.

One of my most vivid and earliest memories, is of how my grandson's life was changed for ever. About every six weeks, commencing when he was a very young, he had suffered serious chest infections, which meant he was regularly hospitalized.  He started to use oils - and quickly came to a place where he would say, "Mummy I can feel it coming (the un-wellness). Where are my oils?"  He learnt how to daily, apply them himself and since that time he has never been to the hospital (for a health reason anyway, only bangs and bruises) and chest infections are a thing of the past.


Another grandchild had asthma that would come on, seemingly, quite unprovoked - now she runs in the school cross-country without even a 'huff on the puffer'. Various ones have said, "Children grow out of these things." I am convinced we were addressing both the immediate and under-lying issues with the oils and so are the children - they could feel the difference.

I have watched immediate results with bones and muscles in adults as they have received the Raindrop, VitaFlex and Vibrational therapies. - Eyes lighting up, proclaiming, "Wow, it doesn't hurt anymore."   Many more have just forgotten to tell me of their relief. It is only after I ask, or hear from others, that I find out how much better they are. I discover, that when they looked back they realised that there had been no noticeable pain from a couple of days after the procedure. They had just forgotten they didn't hurt any more - how true is that, for all of us.


Very recently I had a client with chronic lower back pain, the next day she told me, she had the best sleep in 6 months.  Do I love these wonderful, God given gifts, essential oils?  I certainly do. I know that God is our only healer (read 'Why not just pray?), but he has given us essential oils for our general well-being, preemptive care and maintenance and of course their many other uses.  

To this end...   

I am unashamedly an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. Oils, that I believe are one of, if not the most, therapeutic, pure and powerful essential oils in the world. One of my biggest thrills is to watch parents as they find a new found freedom, in taking their first exciting steps towards personal responsibility for their families health and then grow in confidence, as change abounds. They want to and can do their own research, knowing only good can come from their findings with no harmful side affects - nobody knows a child like their parents.

After 'doing' a Raindrop, using vibrational forks and/or colored lights, or just sharing the possibilities of essential oils, I listen to the joyful stories and get to watch first hand, how the oils, along with the various modalities, bring relief from pain, give new found freedom, and options in maintaining ones health.


To this end I continue to receive ongoing training to up-skill myself that I may be better equipped to help and encourage others in the use of essential oils.


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