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All TraNZform Modalities - with (optional)  Biofeedback -Zyto Compass 





Classic (VRT)
Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) has the added benefit of tuning forks, while still using the Essential Oils and is an enjoyable, yet powerful technique.

  Specific VRT Modalities


To book a specific Vibrational Raindrop Treatment (Classic) - these include:

  • Brain
  • Colon & Digestion
  • Heart & Circulation
  • Hormone Balancing (Female)
  • Hormone Balancing (Male)
  • Joints & Bones
  • Liver
  • Longevity
  • Lung
  • Metabolic Essentials

The Bookings page has a online booking application titled "Select services to book"

Note that on the left-hand side it lists the modalities for VRT. There are 3 pages to work through. On the "Details" page, enter your chosen VRT modality in the Comments section i.e. Lungs





Stimulates every organ, muscle & bone at a cellular level through the oils, bringing the body into structural/electrical balance, enabling the release of toxin or disease where they may be lodged. Combines: Aromatherapy, VitaFlex Technique and Feather Stroking.



"Vitality through the Reflexes", it consists of a specialised form of digital electrical stimulation using the fingers. Can be administered with or without Therapeutic Essential Oils.




The Sacred Solfeggio frequencies work on a personal cellular level and create a unique form of energy that vibrates on deep energy field levels to rejuvenate the body, ground spiritual energy, release emotions, cleanse and balance.

Emotional Release 

-with Essential 


Therapeutic Essential Oils are successful with Emotional Release because they go straight to the Limbic System which is at the centre of your brain and emotions. Most sickness & disease has Emotional & Spiritual roots and the oils help us get in contact with our emotional blocks and release them.




Chromatic Raindrop Technique uses color lights in addition to Therapeutic Grade Oils. In place of playing a full scale on the body with tuning forks, I do this with colour and light. Every color in the spectrum has its own particular frequency and its own therapeutic qualities. Chromatic Raindrop is a very non-evasive way to address the body and can even be accomplished through clothing or dressings.




Vibrational Auricular Technique (reflex system of the ear) is easy accessible and it elevates and prolongs the efficacy of the other body treatments such as Classic, Vibrational & Harmonic Raindrop Therapies.





The Zyto Compass technology enables me to perform a Bio-Survey of your body addressing 76 bio-markers in the body through the hand cradle. This technology does not treat, cure or diagnose. It is designed to assist you in finding the body's preference of Therapeutic Essential Oils and Nutritional Supplements.





6 specific Therapeutic Essential Oils are used that are known for balancing, reprogramming and oxygenating the brain and ganglia, for deleting misinformation at the level of the cellular DNA and for emotional releasing. It helps make sure this vital nerve junction (the locus-ceruleus and the vagal ganglion) is fully functioning along with the rest of the brain.