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How to choose the best! 

Purity: For those who are health conscious, one of the first things they want, is to buy the 'purest' of that commodity. To this end, we need to understand right up front, there are 3 types of essential oils -Fragrance, Food and Therapeutic Oils  95% of oils are made for the fragrance and food industries, where most of these 'nice smells and flavours' are contrived in a laboratory, or else highly diluted. This is not illegal - it just means they are not therapeutic and should not be used on or in the body, as they will not have the required results.


The next point to consider is, that like a good wine, there are hundreds, if not thousands of components that make up an essential oil, these alter due to the region where it is grown, the type of soil, the weather and even when it is harvested, which makes every batch of oil 'different'. This is the wonder of therapeutic essential oils themselves,but this same quality, brings great frustration to the pharmaceutical industry. It means that an essential oil can not be patented, copied or fiddled with, then be produced as a synthetic drug which needs to have the same, exact components, every time. If only one element of a therapeutic essential oil is changed or is missing it will not 'work' in or on our bodies as they were created to do.

To have a truly therapeutic oil, one must start with the very best seed which is then planted in clean soil (no chemicals), harvested at peak time (day or night) and then distilled at a low-temperature and low pressure (to keep the oils at their most natural state) and all its inherent components must be present. When all these criteria have been met the next important aspect is to bottle and seal the oil.  In all cases, the oils easily evaporate, which is because their molecules are small and energetic.

Buy only essential oils that are in dark transparent glass bottles (brown or blue) and sealed. Avoid essential oils with the label 'perfume' & 'fragrance'. Beware of buying off the street, buying only from a reputable organization or online firm - in others words do your homework, by researching and asking around. Be wary if there is an expiry date on the bottle - "If anyone asks you about the shelf life of a pure therapeutic grade essential oil, just say "5000 years at least."' David Stewart Chemist of Essential Oils. pg 447.
Finally the bottles are wrapped in labels that show exactly what is in the bottle including the genus (family) and species (family likeness)
Then even the shipping is done with great care, so each bottle arrives at its destination in the perfect condition that it left the warehouse in.
Also, if you can't smell an oil at a distance, it probably isn't essential.

Sometimes a supplier will wear the brunt of a customers frustration concerning the ongoing state of their oil. But as users we should learn to take care and responsibility for these precious little 'bottles of power', that punch far over their weight - keeping them a pure as possible.    
To keep oils at their optimal state they do not need to be refrigerated, just kept in a dry, cool, out of the light storage place. Make sure after every use the lids are tightly screwed on. Don't leave their lids off for more than a few seconds. Extended exposure to air will cause the essential oil to oxidize - destroying their therapeutic actions. The light (or high note) oils will evaporate quickly if left exposed to the air or from not having their lids screwed on tightly. Also if the oils are exposed to the light for any length of time, they can be destroyed.  If by accident you have left your oils in a hot car, don't panic, just let them cool down naturally - don't take the lids off and lose those precious molecules. If they get frozen, that's ok too, just let them thaw naturally at room temperature. Aren't oils, amazing and so patient!




Price: Yes! Oils can be expensive and Yes! some are very expensive. Price is a good representation of quality. To put it simply, a higher quality Essential Oil will never be sold at a low price. Be wary of sellers that are able to sell all oils at the same price. Certain plants will cost more than the other and this results in the price of essential oils varying. So if a seller is offering oils at a lower or at a bulk price - it shows the oils are probably not pure and/or highly diluted. 

Quality: We can wonder if quality is worth the cost. Take clothes for instance, each season the colours & styles change and if one is fashion conscious, it can mean an extensive new wardrobe, especially if we don't live in a temperate climate. Then on the other hand, quality with style is timeless and you look good what ever the season.

Quality & health is a whole different ball game. Our health is one of the most precious commodities we have, but often it is only when we are in dire straights with a potentially life threatening disease, or weathering a chronic illness, that we do something different.

Using therapeutic essential oils on a daily basis is preemptive, health-giving maintenance and fun.

This is where quality really counts. Receiving quality product costs more, but when you know you are using essential oils - and these are the real deal - most don't mind paying more - Especially when specific Young Living oils are safe to use on your children.

As you make a 'now' decision to research out the oils that will most suit you and your families lifestyle, you have time to build an amazing supply of 'on hand' oils. These oils can be used for the 'whole of life', including around the home and in your food and beverage. 

The when you choose an oil - and it's not available - here's a little help! 

I encourage you to try again the following month - usually the oils are just out of stock temporarily due to high demand or a harvesting issue 

Reputation: Businesses rise and fall on their reputation. Sometime a sustained high reputation is difficult to hold on to. The pressure of competition, the fluctuation of the dollar and the fickleness of client. Young Living has faced it all and more and still will not budge in their policy and mission to bring pure unadulterated essential oils and their products within the reach of each person world-wide. Amazing!  They invite guests to their farms, even to watch the distillation where possible. Many of the Young Living distributors have visited these places and all I have heard is high praise. Yes it is a huge company, growing every day and we are often wary of the huge conglomerates, but I too am thrilled with all that I have seen, heard and experienced.  So I too put my reputation on the line and invite you to seriously consider investing in their quality therapeutic essential oils 


Service:  Good service is important to us all, we feel valued and discerning when a sales person is genuinely interested in us and our specific requirements - when we have the freedom to ask that 'silly' or seemingly unimportant question and receive a understanding reply. They agree to do their best to find the answer to something they don't know and get back to us as soon as possible - and they do. When we do buy their product or service, they are thrilled for us and then offer to follow up with any further information or help as needed.  Is this too good to be true? No I don't believe so. When one is passionate about what they are offering, all this should come naturally.  

I Caroline, along with Young Living, offer you the best service we can, holding the desire that you walk into 'whole-of-life wellness', as we all learn and discover what this really looks like, together!