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VitaFlex Technique

Release - Stimulation - Vitality - Energy


VitaFlex is an important part of the Raindrop Therapy - it corrects weakened or injured areas through the electrical reflex points, preventing further injury and less stress and allowing for quicker, more efficient healing 

VitaFlex: The nervous system encompasses the entire body and mind. It works automatically and is constantly making repairs, corrections, changes, growing, eliminating and rebuilding. Releasing all kinds of tensions, congestion and mal-adjustments, VitaFlex is used extensively in the Raindrop Technique and Vibrational Raindrop. It is applied to both the back and the feet supporting this system, especially when it has be compromised.

By using all four fingers and the thumbs of both hands, the essential oils are applied light, smooth pressure to these points, there is very little discomfort experienced by the client, leaving one feeling both stimulated and relaxed.